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Modern IT services for your company

IT company Partner24 Ltd. deploys modern IT solutions for business. We deliver high quality IT services, business software, warehouse management systems, as well as any sort of various computer equipment such as servers, switches, routers, and firewalls. Our qualified staff provides the administration of Linux and Windows servers, and computer networks, takes care of IT security, supports the end users, as well as offers other IT services i.e. supports customers during the deployment of such products as Microsoft Azure cloud solution, as well as other Office365 family products like Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. Our software department creates software that meets customers' needs. We are the creators of production management system with the elements of data visualization and warehouse management software.

Our highly-competent engineers integrate IT solutions based on the equipment and software of reliable world-recognized brands like Cisco, HP, Dell, NetApp, IBM, Qnap, Microsoft, VMWare, Veeam. They combine the on-promise solutions or the traditional IT infrastructure model where the software is installed and administered on the company servers, with solutions like IaaS, PaaS or SaaS where the company purchases services from the cloud service provider. We take into account in our projects the customer's business background and the analysis of needs based on the IT audit which is the basis for our further actions. Partner24 as an IT company provides matching products reaching beyond the regular and available IT solutions. The Partner24 headquarters is located in Bydgoszcz but we also have our branch in Poznan. We provide our IT services throughout the country.

IT business services – IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing – IT services for business or letting an external computer equipment servicing company take care of your IT department is not only a modern trend in business but also a very effective management strategy. The administration of the servers, computer network, IT security and supporting the end user are just among a few aspects we can take care of.

IT Business solutions

Using the potential and knowledge of our specialists we aim at meeting your requirements by offering the services of executing the comprehensive deployment of IT services in your company. We offer you services in server and network solution deployment connected with virtualization, archiving, data replication, Linux and Windows systems administration, IP telephony, and IP video surveillance. We deploy Microsoft Azure and Office365 solutions.

ERP business management software

Our IT company is the creator of production management system. The goal of ERP level systems is to integrate all the key data generated by business processes in one place. Our solution is composed of a series of modules that can be modified and adjusted according to customer's needs in any suitable way.

Warehouse management logistics allows for a flexible customer's needs satisfaction by simultaneously reducing the stock and service costs.

Warehouse management logistics allows for a flexible customer's needs satisfaction by simultaneously reducing the stock and service costs. The way to reach the goals is to deploy a suitable system. WMS level warehouse software supports warehouse management from receiving and locating until the process of releasing the product.


Our IT company designs production visualization solutions. Thanks to our services the users obtain a quick access to current production information in a graphic form enriched with clear graphs, additional animations and key numeric parameters. MES level systems use information technology and collect data directly from the machines or production terminals.

About us

Programowanie i usługi informatyczne

Our IT company has existed in Bydgoszcz for over 20 years now. We provide:

  • support for companies and institutions in terms of IT services – IT Outsourcing,
  • ERP production management and WMS warehouse system business software deployment,
  • on-demand software services including mobile devices,
  • design on the verge of IT and industrial automatics.

Apart from interim problem solving in terms of professional IT support our company also provides services connected with the information and communications technology infrastructure development. We strive for our IT solutions to follow the same direction as the company does. Thus, we assess the analysis of customer's needs based on the audit and the variety of our capabilities has been broadened by IT-Software services support.

We realize that not all the customer's needs can be met by the software and hardware available on the market, thus our engineers create out-of-the-box solutions on customer's request. We are experienced in building simple server or network solutions as well as complex multi-layer applications and services by integrating available elements with our own software.

The headquarters of our company is located in Bydgoszcz. We also have a branch in Poznan and we support our customers in Gdansk and Torun as well as throughout the country.

The company is a member of BIK - Bydgoszcz IT Cluster

  • 20 y of experience

  • 100+ deployments

  • 1000+ users

  • 100% commitment


System POS Online - News Partner24

System POS Online - News Partner24

We are pleased to present the latest work of our programmers. The POS (point od sale) system is not only ordinary point of sale software, but most of all a powerful analytical tool, thanks to which store operation and management has never been so simple and effective.

IT specialist in the company

The manufacturers of the general use hardware and software such as mobile phones, popular operating systems or office packages are trying their best to significantly simplify the IT equipment use. A series of advanced settings in the application is replaced by a few switches. The above unification brings the desired effect, however, changing one certain parameter changes a series of setting incomprehensible to a regular user. The question is if such approach is appropriate in the context of the IT specialist in the company.

Microsoft Azure and Office365

Microsoft Azure and Office365

Partner24 signed up for the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. The participants deploy the Microsoft Azure cloud solutions and the Office365 package services.

Teamwork solutions - CISCO Webex Meetings and Webex Teams

Teamwork solutions - CISCO Webex Meetings and Webex Teams

We are pleased to inform you that our company obtained the CISCO certificate in terms of the Collaboration products. The certificate entitles us to sell Webex Meetings and Webex Teams products.