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Returnable packaging turnaround record system

System do ewidencji obrotu opakowaniami zwrotnymiTo offer and install a low-turnover returnable packaging service system.

System assumptions:

The returnable packaging service system is a part of our WMS warehouse software. It consists of two basic elements. The central database together with the application for the data and data collector processing in distant warehouses. Data collectors work in distant warehouses without direct communication with the central server. All the necessary information such as the packaging list, types of packages, warehouse and customer list, and possible moving paths are saved in the external memory of the device. After completing a work day the data collector exchanges information with the main data base via a laptop and a VPN connection. The application installed in the center solves any possible data conflicts.

The system controls the returnable package customer staying time, generates alerts or sends the information to the accounting system in case of extensive package keeping. The system possesses inventory functions that enable to check the customer's package status and compare it with the central data base. The system has the WWW interface via which the customers can log in and compare the system data with their own actual state.