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The POSonline system was created for control from a controller about sales networks. The program is able to communicate in the cloud with the technical capital of points, computer or user equipment, manages access to an extensive license. The program is in working order. Moreover, shops or points of sale do not require complicated infrastructure. All you need is a tablet or smartphone, a fiscal printer and a payment terminal to start selling. We log in to the POS system through the sample viewer. All data information is in a secure cloud and is available to predetermined persons. One click is enough to retrieve data about current sales, the best points, sellers or the evaluation of days or hours of sale.

The undoubted advantage is the simplicity of the system operation. The onboarding of employees usually takes no more than an hour. Combined with an uncomplicated infrastructure, our system becomes a very attractively priced alternative to traditional sales management systems that are usually installed on sellers' computers. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of a direct connection with the Tax Office and automatic sending of receipts along with their settlement. The small size of the tablet and the mobility of these devices allow for quick connection and operation of the system. Thanks to this, we are able to offer it to people who run several or a dozen points of sale in difficult conditions. Just turn on the tablet and pair the fiscal device via the Bluetooth system and we are ready to provide services.

The POSonline system is sold in the form of monthly non-binding packages. Thanks to this, you have control over your expenses all the time. You can find all prices at posonline.pl. We encourage you to try the system for free. Especially for this occasion, we have created a demo version of the system. After completing the form, you will receive a temporary login and password. Our consultants will answer all your questions. Please contact us and visit posonline.pl