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System WMS

Partner24 has launched its proprietary system for managing the SWP WMS warehouse. The warehouse program has been created with large warehouses and logistics centers in mind, but also small companies or online stores that are just starting to build their first warehouse will find their place in it. The program's subscription system, divided into packages, depends on additional extensions and allows you to adjust the system to your own needs and capabilities.

What is WMS?

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a program for managing the warehouse, planning, recording warehouse movements, from the moment of delivering the goods to the warehouse until its release. Such a system allows for a fully automated warehouse in which we plan deliveries, releases, place of storage and document circulation.


Highlights of SWP WMS


SWP WMS also has a number of functions unavailable to the competition, which makes it innovative on the Polish and other market. The most important functions of the program include:


The strictly warehouse functions that allow you to manage warehouses are also important. The most important are:


Benefits of implementing a WMS system.

The benefits of implementing a WMS are almost countless. Thanks to the proposed solutions, work efficiency is significantly increased, and thus the costs of running a warehouse are reduced. To operate our WMS system, all you need is a basic computer, laptop and smartphone with high-speed Internet access. The implementation takes place immediately with the first introduced product, and the subscription system allows for non-binding use of the program. Program data is stored on our servers for up to one year. For customers who would like to test our system in daily operation, we have made a demo version available on our website. The demo is fully functional, you will receive login details after contacting our company. All details are available at www.program-wms.pl we invite you to familiarize yourself with our system.