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IT Business solutions

Using the potential and knowledge of our specialists we aim at meeting your requirements by offering the services of executing complete IT solutions deployment. Our staff possess certificates confirming the knowledge of project management methodology and multi-annual experience in the field.

We are aware that the execution of such a crucial task, which is the IT system deployment, requires thoroughly thoughtful steps and agreeing with the customer on the optimal and individual road map. Regardless of the type of the IT system being deployed, we execute the project based on the following steps: a precise diagnosis and assessment of actual customer's needs, the definition of the biggest possible budget, setting up a deadline, proper design of IT solutions, project deployment, and IT solutions management, as well as the efficiency check and the optimization of deployed solutions.

We make sure that every deployment, regardless of the type and size of workload, is executed carefully with proper attention to keeping the deadline. We offer you on-site IT solutions that are directly placed on your company's servers and Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office365 cloud solutions. We also deploy hybrid solutions which means that some services are hosted on your company's servers and the others are migrated to the public cloud. Regardless of the chosen development strategy our specialists provide full support, monitoring and administration of servers or services. Our company targets the IT services especially to businesses in Bydgoszcz, Poznan, Gdansk, and Torun.

Partner24 is aware of the fact that plain IT business solutions such as computer network care or servers administration is nowadays not enough. A big part of smooth company operation is played by users' work support software. Our company as the ERP level production management and WMS warehouse software manufacturer is proud to be competent in the field of business processes analysis. Our knowledge and experience gathered through cooperation during business management software deployment is of considerable importance during the IT development of an organization. We are capable of assessing the growth direction not only from the point of pure IT perspective but also from the point of business processes that it should support.

As the ERP business software manufacturer we often face the task of integrating our software with external systems. Our company offers the services of IT system integration including the software development services of creating cross-software data exchange interfaces.



  • IT infrastructure audit
  • solution choice
  • server systems installation
  • server software installation
  • Linux servers administration
  • Windows servers administration


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LAN computer networks

  • LAN computer network design
  • UTP/FTP wired networks
  • one- and multi-mode fiber-optic networks
  • active device choice and configuration – switches
  • local computer network audit and optimization


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WAN wide area networks

  • WAN network design
  • wide area networks audit and optimization
  • VPN site-to-site company cross-branch connection
  • VPN client-to-site connection for remote users
  • dedicated links
  • active device choice and configuration – routers, firewalls, UTM


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WLAN wireless networks

  • WLAN networks design
  • radio wave propagation measurement execution
  • wireless networks audit and optimization
  • controller-based networks configuration


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Backup and data replication

  • risk analysis
  • DRP – Disaster Recovery Plan preparation
  • archiving systems installation and configuration
  • data replication installation and configuration


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  • device choice
  • virtualization and cluster systems installation and configuration


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VOIP Telephony

  • VoIP switchboard installation and configuration
  • VoIP telephones installation and configuration
  • dedicated software
  • reports


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Video surveillance systems

  • IP technology surveillance systems design
  • recorder and video camera choice
  • solution installation and configuration


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Emergency power supply systems

  • solution audit
  • power balance preparation
  • solution installation and configuration


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IT Security

  • Firewall, UTM systems
  • VPN and SSL VPN networks
  • workstation protection systems
  • antivirus software
  • e-mail security
  • authentication and authorization
  • IPS hacking prevention and detection systems


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Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Office 365
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive for business
  • Power BI


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