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IT business services – IT Outsourcing

IT system failure especially in a computer network usually takes place at the least convenient time causing tremendous financial losses. Simultaneously, most of small and medium-sized companies cannot afford having their own IT department, as it would generate high costs and at the same time would not guarantee a high enough quality of offered IT support services. That is why more and more small and medium-sized companies use IT outsourcing.

IT Outsourcing – information technology business services or passing the IT department under the charge of an external company that offers computer equipment, servers, or computer network servicing is not only a new business trend but also a very effective business management strategy. Thanks to handing over full responsibility connected with the IT system activity, computer network, or computer equipment to an external partner every company can fully focus on the profit and efficiency maximization. We are able to offer our help in the effective use of existing infrastructure, optimize the activity of several business processes, as well as comprehensively design and create a whole new technical infrastructure from the scratch. Our IT services also include consulting and purchase of adequate hardware and software, the deployment and maintenance of IT solutions, servers and network administration, follow-up appointments as well as organizing workshops and trainings for the staff. Our engineers continually monitor the state of the customer's key server and network services and check the correctness of archiving and data backup processes. During the IT audit planning they verify the IT security level. Based on the gathered data the necessary changes in data archiving procedures, computer network structure or server configuration are being introduced in order to increase the IT security of the company. IT Outsourcing or handing over the IT infrastructure to an external IT-specialized company is a more cost-efficient solution than taking on new recruits. Modern-day information technology requires providing the support of qualified engineers in a number of fields. A professional IT team should support the customer in Windows servers administration, Linux servers administration, computer network administration, IT security, business software administration including production management software and WMS warehouse program as well as support the end user. Such an IT team should also be proficient in new technologies and IT solutions like virtualization, Azure computing cloud, IP telephony, and teamwork solutions. All these aspects make keeping a professional and permanent IT team in a company to be relatively money consuming. A more efficient exercise is getting the IT services from the professional Partner24 IT company that offers high-end engineers of different specializations. Every day our specialists solve complicated IT problems with servers, computer networks, or software, and our administrators design new IT solutions for our customers, and counsel them in choosing the right technology and equipment. Thanks to it our team is always up- to-date with the IT world news, and the experience gained when realizing past projects pays off in the upcoming tasks.

Thanks to using information technology and remote working we can immediately react to tickets and offer IT business services directly from our headquarters in Bydgoszcz or our branch in Poznan, solve existing problems connected with the failure of network, servers, workstations, while simultaneously eliminating work brakes that usually generate the highest financial losses.

There is also a possibility of outsourcing only several tasks in order to unburden the IT department or support it while deploying advanced IT solutions.

Using our comprehensive offer you have the certainty that every task will be done by qualified specialists who are among the best in their field. We offer reliable, permanent, and professional IT service tailored to individual customer's needs and expectations.

End user support:

  • professional Help Desk operating based on the online ticket registration system
  • repair, installation, and configuration of Windows/Linux operating systems
  • installation and configuration of e-mail clients
  • cleaning and defragmentation of discs and registries
  • system security configuration
  • installation and configuration of firewalls and antivirus software
  • operating system support, office and professional software trainings
  • computer service

Servers administration, computer networks:

  • installation and configuration of server systems (Windows Server/Linux/FreeBSD)
  • e-mail server configuration
  • files server configuration
  • database server configuration
  • WWW server configuration
  • Linux server administration
  • Windows server administration
  • computer network administration

IT data/systems security:

  • daily/weekly/monthly data archiving
  • data encryption
  • VPN tunnels
  • lost data retrieval
  • IDS systems
  • data replication services
  • cluster solutions deployment – virtualization
  • UTM Firewall

Information and communications technology networks:

  • LAN and WLAN computer network design and construction
  • WLAN network design and construction
  • installation and configuration of network equipment (switches, routers, firewalls, print servers)
  • network services configuration
  • VoIP telephony, conventional PBX switchboard functionality extension

Consulting, IT support:

  • consulting in the field of choosing information technologies
  • supervision over IT projects execution
  • IT audits