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IT security

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A safe IT infrastructure is one of the most important features of every modern company system. In the age of sophisticated threats providing a high security level poses a big challenge. Given the hybrid IT structure consisting of company servers, computer networks, local and remotely working users, and increasingly popular cloud solutions where a part of our data is kept outside the company headquarters, providing a proper security level requires using various IT techniques. We cannot only focus on certain security aspects. A properly secured company IT system should be composed of a series of protection measures working in various often overlapping areas. A correctly designed IT security system even in case of breaking one of the protection measures should still be a barrier against the external attack or malicious software. When designing the security we cannot only focus on the system itself but we should take all its elements into account, like servers, software, customer stations, computer networks, wireless networks, etc. These elements should be chosen, configured, and administered in a way that they provide a certain level of security accepted by the company board. Specialized active security systems should be an addition to the IT infrastructure but we should not rely solely on them.

In compliance with the ISO 27001 security standards protecting the IT infrastructure does not only consist of the deployment of proper IT solutions. An important element, that our company is a counsellor in, is providing an adequate level of physical security and deployment of certain IT system access procedures. You should also remember that the IT security is an ongoing process and not just a one-time project.

Our company designs and configures advanced solutions enabling the creation of efficient security systems irregardless of the company size or structure.

CISCO Umbrella

The DNS protocol inspection as a method of increasing IT security in a company. The system of work station protection is one of the IT system elements in the context of security again unauthorized access. In the age of omnipresent and sophisticated threats and considering the low awareness of the IT system users preventing dangers only thanks to antivirus software can be insufficient.

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Workstation security

Providing security for a local workstation and computer network users poses one of the more important tasks for the computer system administrator. A well-designed IT security policy in a company should take a range of aspects into account and its preparation should be based on the IT audit.

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CISCO ESA - spam and antivirus e-mail filter

E-mail servers do not include any security measure against spam or malicious software. Irregardless of using free open-source Linux-based e-mail solutions or commercial systems such as Microsoft Exchange we need an external content control system in order to verify messages in terms of spam or viruses.

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Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup - company data protection

Microsoft Azure cloud services provide devices for keeping the work continuity and post-failure data recovery. Preserving work continuity is of crucial importance for business applications. A lack of access to the key business applications is often connected with company work stoppage and high financial loses.

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Data archiving tools

Strategy, tool, and IT data archiving tool techniques description. Company data saved on the servers and disk arrays are one of the most valuable assets a company possesses and that is why it should be properly secured against random incidents or intentional activity.

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VPN - safe company branch connection

The description of VPN technology for the execution of safe company branch connection and providing safe communication for remote working. A safe IT infrastructure is one of the key aspects for every company. It should be provided on every level of IT structure including the computer networks.

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