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Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Public calculation clouds like Microsoft Azure of AWS are the IT environment or big data centers created for the storage and processing of customer's data in a subscription model. The customer buys dedicated IT resources like servers, disk space, band, or specialized services from the calculation cloud provider. The payment are usually due monthly and the customer only pays for the resources he or she used during that period. The amount and type of used resources can be dynamically changed which influences the amount of fees the customer has to cover. Using the calculation cloud you can give up on some part of the company IT infrastructure. The public cloud is not only servers and disk array that can be rented. A series of well-known IT services are based on this technology such as Office365, OneDrive, Exchange Online, etc. The cloud platform providers ensure a smooth and safe IT infrastructure with a vast range of services. Thanks to that they deliver all the elements enabling the application creation, deployment, and management without the need to invest in your own servers. The calculation cloud technology is also a series of ready-made components and services used by software and application developers.

Deploying or transferring the company services onto the cloud you should take into account a series of factors influencing the efficiency of a solution and the amount of monthly fee. Moreover, you should also consider the characteristics of the cloud itself and a set of components that the cloud provides. Physical server transfer, its virtualization and startup on the cloud is not often the best solution from the economical point of view. Using the PaaS Platform as a Service and SaaS Software as a Service elements instead of virtualization and IaaS Infrastructure as a Service you can build an optimal solution in terms of costs and efficiency. Our company provides IT services of the migration and optimization of the solution on-premises or the physical machines to the cloud platform.

Should I migrate the servers to the cloud?

The calculation cloud is a fashionable IT service development direction. World's biggest players like Microsoft or Amazon invest huge amount of money into the development and promotion of technology enabling the IT company environment virtualization.

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Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup - company data protection

Microsoft Azure cloud services provide devices for keeping the work continuity and post-failure data recovery. Preserving work continuity is of crucial importance for business applications. A lack of access to the key business applications is often connected with company work stoppage and high financial loses.

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Microsoft Exchange Online - e-mail Azure cloud server

Microsoft Exchange Online is a business class e-mail and calendar service dedicated to companies and served on the Azure cloud. Businesses using the Azure cloud do not have to invest in their own servers as the whole infrastructure needed for a safe Internet data exchange through e-mail is served by Microsoft.

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