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In modern-day reality the practical use of IT solutions became essential. It results from the need of the information flow and analysis inside a company as well as the need to communicate with the outside world meaning the customers, product and service recipients, and even single web users who are a group of potential customers.

Keeping the advantage over other businesses becomes possible thanks to the efficient use of cutting-edge IT solutions, commonly used and trusty, but also allowing the company to keep its distinct character. Introducing the solutions offered by our company will allow you to meet set business goals and be up-to-date with fast technology market changes.

We give you a complete offer of software and services, dedicated to every industry, and of all sorts of small, medium, and large size companies. We offer a full range of IT business services (IT outsourcing) including comprehensive support in the field of server and network administration. We have multi-annual experience in advanced IT technologies deployment of well known and trusty providers. We offer business management software (ERP), WMS Warehouse management software, and production processes visualization system and software. Partner24 as an IT company provides tailored products going beyond the confines of regular, easily-accessible IT solutions. Our trusty team of engineers composed of specialists from various IT fields such as a computer network administrator, server administrator, IT security administrator, analyst or software developer will meet all your business needs.

We have been operating on the Polish market for 20 years now following business ethics values and realizing given tasks on the highest possible level. Quick reaction to possible issues is the key to stable functioning of our services. We aim our offer at Polish companies especially those operating from Bydgoszcz, Poznan, Torun, and Gdansk.