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The choice of server solution – between the security and efficiency

A server is the heart of IT network of every business. It is responsible for the speed of data transfer and it also protects the data collected in it. It is the key to the effective and efficient work in the age of technological advance.

What are the servers responsible for?

In the twenty first century the server solutions are needed in almost every kind of industry. On one hand, they are data collecting and processing devices. On the other hand, they are devices providing services for other devices, mostly computers. They are the central point of every IT infrastructure. This is where the business data is stored. At the same time the data is processed by the server. That is why we can call a server mainly a device, such as a computer or especially dedicated hardware that takes part in resource sharing. You can share many obvious things like files or databases, but also internet links. Servers serve company work management.

Server choice

What should you take into account when choosing a server? It seems that there are two key aspects of its operation. The first one is security which seems obvious. Servers are made for data collection, processing, and storage, thus, they play an important role in the operation of every business. Just the security, data encryption, and the operational technique of a server depend on its type. When choosing a server one also has to chose the securing method. The second aspect is a high availability of data processing at high loading. It is the power of server solution. Thanks to it server usage is quick and efficient, there is no risk of crashing, and temporary lack of data access. The number of people using the server at the same time, i.e. In the same office impacts its calculation capabilities. That is why when choosing a server it is important to pay attention to the elements it is made of in order to match its speed with your goals.

What does a server need to have?

Servers are usually meant for continuous work. In order for them to function properly they do not only need adequate components, responsible for the data transfer speed, but also proper software, operating system, or specialized software. It provides a specific, preconceived function. Depending on the chosen server solution it can be i.e. regular data sharing or advanced tasks on collected files. Using proper server solutions such as ERP business management software or WMS warehouse program you can use the servers for company data management. An important role in the server construction is thus played by a fast and reliable hard disk or SSD, mainly those based on SAS, or in other words systemic disk linking. The server machine should possess big RAM memory and multicore processors that allow the server operation in companies with higher loadings.

How to use a server for your own needs?

Server needs to be reliable. It should often be equipped with a few hot-plug power supply units or emergency power supply. It also needs a room to be put in. It all influences not only the whole server efficiency but also the lifespan of business data collection. The server is usually used by being adjusted to the specifications of a certain unit. It is connected to the web by fast fiber-opticInternet which allows it to share the data with other computers. Using the servers in IT has to be preceded by the analysis and the choice of working strategy. We offer our customers a wide range of services: we provide complex server solutions, audit the currently used solutions and suggest development direction.

High server availability

Server or servers are the central point of every IT infrastructure. Servers collect or process all the key information that they company has. That is why it is very important to choose the proper solution that provides high availability at high loading, as well as the security of collected data. In order to work properly the server needs adequate software, operating system, and specialized software playing a particular role such as regular file sharing or advanced ERP business management software or WMS warehouse program.

Our company provides complex server solutions of well-known, reliable brands. We run audits of currently used solutions and advise the customer on the development direction. We deploy, configure, and administer Linux and Windows servers.

Linux server administration

As a part of the service we administer Linux servers. Linux operating system and its distributions is a set of ready-made solutions to provide basic needs to every business. Linux servers are believed to be one of the safest operating systems, and their broad configuration possibilities will meet many company challenges. Among the most popular Linux services are:

  • e-mail server
  • file server
  • DHCP server
  • database server
  • router server
  • VPN server
  • FTP server
  • WWW server

Windows server administration

We are also competent in administering the most popular server environment, namely Windows Server. Microsoft servers are intended for the satisfaction of business needs for IT solutions. Thanks to them we can create a full and modern IT environment in a company. Among the most popular Windows Server services that can be administered are:

  • Active Directory service
  • DHCP service
  • Network Policy Service
  • Certificatory service
  • file server
  • application server
  • Remote Desktop server
  • SQL server
  • Exchange server
  • SharePoint server

Disk array

Every business should have data collection space. Depending on the conception, whether a company uses cloud solutions or opts for using its own IT infrastructure, it should choose disk array or a set of data collection arrays.

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Microsoft Exchange Online - e-mail Azure cloud server

Microsoft Exchange Online is a business class e-mail and calendar service dedicated to companies and served on the Azure cloud. Businesses using the Azure cloud do not have to invest in their own servers as the whole infrastructure needed for a safe Internet data exchange through e-mail is served by Microsoft.

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Linux e-mail server

A free Linux software is perfect for starting the e-mail system. Packages included in the software are an application bundle that will meet all the customer's needs while simultaneously being free of software licensing.

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Linux and Windows server administration

Service migrating to the calculation clouds is a noticeable tendency on the IT market, however, from a technical point of view, calculation clouds of company servers require an adequate approach as for the Linux or Windows server administration.

Linux and Windows server administration.