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The computer systems include hardware or physical parts such as servers, network switches, disk arrays, and software created to work on certain hardware. Computer systems without proper software are useless and do not perform any tasks. That is why the software defines in what way and how you can use a certain computer unit. The software itself can be divided into a range of categories. Among the most important are:

System software

The goal of system software is enabling the operation of a certain computer unit and delivering basic services.

  • Firmware – it is a specialized software dedicated purely and simply to a certain hardware. The goal of firmware is the cooperation between the hardware and the operating system in case of desktop servers. For the other hardware categories such as network switches or disk arrays firmware is responsible for delivering certain functionality. It often happens that the functionality range delivered by the given hardware is defined by the licensing keys implemented in the software.
  • Operating system – it is the software used to managing a computer system. Its main goal is to enable the start of dedicated applications upon the user's request. Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems are installed on the servers and they provide a series of advanced features. In a certain environment there are usually a few or a dozen computer network- connected servers. Each of them plays certain roles and it can use the data collected by other units.
  • Virtualization – it is special software enabling the start of a series of operating systems simultaneously on one server in a way that each one of them is isolated and does not have a direct impact on the operational method of the other systems.

Server software

The software delivers certain services, most often network services. Among the most popular are:

  • Domain controller – the software constitutes an integral part of Windows operating system and serves for the user and company work station privileges authorization, authentication, and management.
  • E-mail server – server software providing e-mail exchange protocols such as SMTP, IMAP, POP
  • File server – software enabling the file sharing in the local network
  • WWW server – software serving the HTTP protocol and enabling the WWW website hosting
  • FTP server – software supporting the FTP protocol used for file exchange
  • Database server – software supporting the SQL and NOSQL databases

We install the software on the Microsoft Windows and Linux servers.

Business software

The most important category from the business point of view is company management software. It can be further divided into the following categories based on the area they cover.

  • ERP System – it can be defined as a complete software for business management from placing the order through production to the sales of goods
  • CRM System – it is the customer relationship management software
  • DMS System – it is the company documentation management software
  • MES System – it is the production check and accounting software
  • WMS System – it is the effective warehouse management software
  • APS System – it is the advanced production scheduling software

Partner24 is a business software manufacturer. Our software consists of a series of modules meeting the requirements of ERP, MES, CRM, DMS, APS, and WMS systems. Read more about our company management system.

As a part of our IT service we offer the installation and administration of server, system, and business software.

Linux e-mail server

A free Linux software is perfect for starting the e-mail system. Packages included in the software are an application bundle that will meet all the customer's needs while simultaneously being free of software licensing.

Read more about Linux e-mail.

Linux and Windows server administration

Service migrating to the calculation clouds is a noticeable tendency on the IT market, however, from a technical point of view, calculation clouds of company servers require an adequate approach as for the Linux or Windows server administration.

Linux and Windows server administration.