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IT solutions – what is that about?

We do realize how big of an impact does a well-designed and errorless IT infrastructure have on the smooth operation of a company. On the other hand, we do know that one can pay anything for the so called “information technology”. Thus, we carefully design our systems and make sure that our solutions are efficient and reliable while simultaneously not generating irrational costs connected with their maintenance. The deployed solutions are always preceded by a detailed analysis of customer's needs.

Our engineers possess the knowledge and experience in the field of using different information technologies, thus, they are able to offer you the optimal solutions. We design, deploy, and monitor local LAN networks, WLAN wireless network, and wide area networks WAN. We offer server, backup, data replication, emergency power supply system, virtualization, VoIP telephony, and video surveillance system solutions. We use the hardware and software of well-known and reliable brands.

Due to our ability of integrating individual IT infrastructure elements we are able to deliver a wide range of flexible solutions, adjusted to the customer's needs and possibilities. Our IT solutions enable the automation and work efficiency increase.

We know that IT solutions are not only the hardware but also the software adjusted to your company's needs and possibilities. Thus, as the ERP production and WMS warehouse management software manufacturer as well as production processes visualization components maker we are able to meet your company's needs. Our specialists are able to create dedicated IT solutions combining the hardware elements available on the market with custom-made software.

By offering a wide range of IT services we aim at preparing our customer's companies for better and more efficient performance. The solutions deployed by us mainly guarantee effectiveness and high operating speed with full security. That is why the key to using IT is understanding what to aim at while making a choice and how to decide to deploy certain IT solutions. We offer thorough help in the field.

LAN computer network deployment

One of the solutions we offer is LAN local area network deployment. It is a network based on wireless high-bandwidth links in a small area that provides the internet access in the office, laboratory, or warehouse. LAN local area network in a company is a cross-server and cross-user crucial data transmission medium that should be properly secured against unlawful external access.

WAN wide area network deployment

WAN network is a completely different type of network. It is intercontinental or combining the devices from different company branches on different continents. WAN works through skillful connection of LAN network and using modern IT devices such as routers. Its practical use is mainly data collection in one database and the management of all systems from one place. Its encryption technique makes it a secure network.

WLAN Wireless networks

WLAN wireless network is an intermediate network. It is a local network so it works in a limited and quite small area but it connects the devices through wireless, so called Wi-Fi technology, not the wired one. This network is especially tailored for modern-day industry requirements. It is perfect for offices or laboratories. The key is proper data encryption and using such IT services that provide an easy and quick access to the internet for a certain number of computers.

Backup and data replication

Besides the networks we also offer backup and data replication. As you know the data collection and usage is one of the server tasks. It is extremely important to secure your company against improper software operation that can occur when using the network. Making different types of data record copies which are saved in a different place than hard disk access protects the data against damage.

Proper solutions

We offer a series of different solutions connected to the operation of computer technology. We deal with servers, virtualization, emergency power supply systems, computer networks, video surveillance systems, and VoIP technology. We can offer a series of solutions aiming at creating a perfectly operating company in the field of IT solutions. An important role in the process is played by the analysis and audit of the current solutions. We offer running a complete analysis and proposing efficient solutions. Thanks to the ability of integrating several IT infrastructure elements we can deliver a wide range of flexible solutions, adjusted to the customer's needs and possibilities. We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the details of our offer that is especially targeted at companies from Bydgoszcz, Torun, Poznan, and Gdansk.