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Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup - company data protection

Microsoft Azure cloud services provide devices for keeping the work continuity and post-failure data recovery. Preserving work continuity is of crucial importance for business applications. A lack of access to the key business applications is often connected with company work stoppage and high financial loses. The services shared on the Azure platform such as the Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup protect the virtualized servers on the cloud platform and the company on-promise solutions. Our company provides IT services of the Microsoft Azure cloud solution administration, prepares and deploys the work continuity plans for the crucial business applications.

Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery is a DraaS solution for post-failure data recovery. Azure Site Recovery is a native cloud solution that can protect the local server environment (DR emergency switch from the local cloud to the Azure cloud) as well as data recovery from one Azure cloud to the other. Such solution works in case of the virtual infrastructure, both the Hyper-V and VMWare, as well as physical servers. The Azure Site Recovery solution provides all the necessary technological components for the DR emergency switch including the data replication, load migration, and recovery coordination. The solution also enables the IT departments to test the DR emergency solution without any impact on the production load. As a cloud solution the Azure Site Recovery enables companies to scale essential resources on demand in order to minimize initial costs while simultaneously keep the flexibility in order to meet all the load-connected requirements. The features of the solution are as follows:

  • Management console – manage the replication and emergency switch from the Azure console
  • Virtual machine migration – the migration of the virtual machines between the Azure regions and local data centers
  • Load migration – it offers the load migration for virtual machines (Hyper-V and WMWare), as well as the physical Windows and Linux servers
  • Service level management – the management of both RPO and RTO with RPO
  • Consistent application switch – the snapshots capture the disk data, memorized data, and in the middle of transactions

Azure Backup

The Azure Backup provides the backup and recovery featured installed on the Azure platform. Its backup and recovery features include the virtual machines, files and folders, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and others both on the Azure platform, and the local one. The Azure backup management is done from the Azure console, including the centralized monitoring and reporting. The multi-casual authentication and the suspicious activity alerts help decrease the malicious or ransomware software or attack threat. The users can also set the data storage time for short- and long-term periods (up to 99 years). The Azure backup also offers a range of features that help adjust the service to certain needs. It includes the network limitation in order to use it outside the rush hours and also incremental backup. The data is compressed and encrypted for safe storage.