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CISCO Umbrella

The workstation security system is one of the key elements of the IT system in the context of protection against unauthorized access. In the age of omnipresent and sophisticated threats and considering the low awareness of the IT system users preventing dangers only thanks to antivirus software can be insufficient. Cisco Umbrella is a cloud solution increasing the company security. The system is based on the filtering of DNS enquiries sent from the company to the internet. Thanks to the enquiry filtering the DNS Cisco Umbrella prevents the attacks of establishing an actual IP connection with a potentially dangerous source. The DNS protocol is responsible for the Internet domain name translation to the IP address. The computer software making an internet connection can establish it only with an IP address. In order to recognize the IP it uses the DNS protocol to change the domain name to the IP address. Cisco Umbrella solution uses the potential of the Talos threat database which collects the DNS enquiry history and potentially dangerous websites. Thanks to using the statistics methods and the pattern search in the big amount of data Cisco Umbrella can quickly sense new threats.The DNS enquiry filtering also protects the computer against using it by criminals even when it has already been attacked by the virus. In such cases the attacked units communicate with the criminal's server that places the control commands. The DNS protocol is also used for the communication. The enquiry filtering causes the attacked unit to be useless for the hacker because it cannot be used for further activities. A similar rule also applies to the sending of the cryptographic keys used by the ransomware for the data encryption on the disks. Blocking the sending of the cryptographic key to the center stops the disk encryption process even though the system has already been attacked by the virus.

In the basis version the CISCO Umbrella system can be used for free by only changing the DNS servers for the IP, The solution is sufficient for the personal solutions as it significantly increases the security at the same time. However, Cisco prepared tariff plans for businesses enabling among others the policy definition, MDM solution integration, and log analysis.

Cisco Umbrella

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