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Linux and Windows server administration

Servers are not just plain computer equipment but also software that plays an important role in a computer network and is responsible for the collection and processing of customers' requests. Over the years a series of standards have been created, served by different software manufacturers like Microsoft with Windows Server, and supported by free Linux system distributions like Debian or Suse. Our company provides services of Linux and Windows server administration both for the physical and calculation cloud company servers. Below you will find a list of most frequently used services in local computer networks:

  • DHCP server – this server is responsible for the basic data configuration for a local network station such as the IP addresses, gate, and DNS servers. While booting the workstations use the broadcast domain to find a DHCP server and that is why there should only be one DHCP server in the certain network segment.
  • FTP server – this server enables file exchange between the workstation and the central unit and the protocol serves two operating modes, active and passive. They differ from each other in terms of communication method and connection initialization.
  • WWW server – this server enables the website sharing through the HTTP protocol or its safe encrypted version, HTTPS protocol. Modern websites are dynamic and their content is built in response to the activity of users browsing through the website. Languages that are the WWW server extension such as PHP, Perl, Ruby are most often used to achieve it. WWW servers are also used to build the so-called webservice – it is an interface enabling data exchange between different company software.
  • Database servers – these are programs meant for storage and quick search in organized data structures. Database servers have a wide range of usage and are used as WWW website data storage, as well as software storage including the production management program or warehouse software.
  • File servers – it is a basic service used in almost every computer network. The servers are used for file sharing and joint operations on them.
  • E-mail server – the software is responsible for e-mail exchange between the network users and servers. SMTP – that enables e-mail sending, POP/IMAP – responsible for e-mail reception are both a part of the protocols served by e-mail software. Microsoft solutions based on the Exchange Server additionally use ActiveSync and the OWA website. All the above-mentioned protocols are also available in the safe version using the SSL/TLS encapsulation. Moreover, the e-mail servers use a series of connected services such as anti- spam filters, antivirus software, and global Internet threat database such as CISCO Talos.
  • User authorization servers – these services are used for the authentication and authorization of the local network resource users. The most commonly found solution is the Active Directory service on the Microsoft Windows server.
  • VoIP servers – modern solutions enable conventional telephone center migration to the IT environment. The telephone center functions are taken over by the software installed on the server.

We mentioned above only some basic network services, offered in the local network or on the Internet. A noticeable tendency on the IT market is the service migration to calculation clouds, however, from the technical point of view the calculation clouds and the servers located in the company require a proper approach when it comes to the Linux or Windows server administration. Our company provides the service of Linux server administration in Bydgoszcz, Torun, Gdansk, and in the rest of the country. Please familiarize yourself with out business services offer.