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Linux e-mail server

The free Linux system software is perfectly suited for installing the e-mail system. The packages included in the software create an application group meeting all the customer's needs while at the same time they are not burdened with software licensing. Linux solutions are considered to be one of the safer ones and the applications themselves support the SSL/TLS encrypted connections. E- mail server cooperates with business software such as Office. There is also the possibility of using free clients such as Thunderbird or the WWW browser-based system. Our company provides services of e-mail system service deployment. We mostly use the following components:

  • Postfix – MTA system, the software is used for e-mail exchange via the SMTP protocol. The application consists of modules and provides a series of configuration options. Postfix system cooperates perfectly with external software and databases that can store users' configuration.
  • Dovecot – this software serves the POP/IMAP protocols that is the one used for the e-mail messages reception through a business application. Similarly to Postfix, Dovecot possesses rich configuration and is able to work with external applications including the databases where the user's configuration can be stored. The MTA and Dovecot systems have modules enabling the cooperation i.e. in the area of user authorization.
  • Amavis, Spamassassin, Postgrey – this software serves the Linux-based e-mail server protection against SPAM. The combination of the above-mentioned filters is both a very effective and free solution blocking unwanted messages. Before the e-mails are delivered to the user they are tested on the known rules. If a certain condition is met points are being added. After checking all the rules the points are summed and if a certain ceiling is exceeded the e-mail is classified as SPAM. In Linux solutions we can also use commercial anti-spam and anti-virus filters such as CISCO ESA – IronPort.
  • Roundcube - this software enables using the e-mail through the WWW interface. Roundcube application possesses a series of extensions.

The e-mail system based on the Linux server together with its anti-spam filters is often used as communication gate for the Exchange server. It is a safer solution than putting the Exchange server directly on the Internet. Our company provides services of Linux server administration and deploys the above-mentioned solutions.