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WAN Wide Area Networks

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Modern business communication requires the integration of informations and communications technology environments spread over big area but closely cooperating. A remote access to one data base enables the service quality improvement and smoother information flow. This is what the WAN wide area networks are for.

How does WAN network support the company?

WAN wide area network is the biggest known network. It is created to go beyond the geographical confines of the electronic device connection. It is most commonly used in businesses that need to have the connection between branches or departments that are obviously located within a certain distance from one another. The goal is to create a stable and secure cross-branch IT connection in order to facilitate the integration of its environment.

Main features of wide area network

WAN network by nature spreads over a large geographical area. It is capable of connecting devices located on different continents. Using different types of serial communication it uses the telecommunication provider services appropriate for a certain area. Its characteristics is two-tier. Networks and reference model data link are present in the physical tier. In summary, WAN network connects numerous, geographically spread local computer networks and links the devices with one another.

Technical aspects of WAN network installation

The basic method of computer network connection by a wide network is using the dedicated link or VPN link on the Internet. It all depends on the data transfer method, however, it is technically connected with the operation of different types of protocols that are responsible not only for the data marshaling and its transfer but also for the technical aspect of network connection. It depends on the used connection technique. The effect is then network connection ergo computer data i.e. in the headquarters in Warsaw with its branch network in Szczecin.

Security issue

Security is in question since from an amateur point of view WAN wide area network has to have a series of insecure spots where the data can go around the main data transfer passage. You should always take these issues into account, irregardless of the connection method used. In that case special cryptographic algorithms are used for data encryption. In that context an important role is also played by the firewall rules determination. However, it is based on choosing the proper routing. It is designating adequate data package flow direction inside a computer network.

Routing protocols

The importance of routing in WAN network data transfer is extremely high. Its main goal is to choose the best route through which a data package can be passed from the sender to the recipient. However, understanding WAN network operation is the key. Thanks to it you can set up proper routing protocols that will take other values like package priority or avoiding high intensity traffic into account. In that case the goal is the safest data transfer not only based on its proper encryptionbut also through dynamically changing forecast of the most efficient route leading a data package from the sender to the recipient inside the created WAN network.

Company network analysis and deployment

The technical aspects of wide area network creation are extremely complicated, thus, the choice of proper solution should be handed over to a knowledgeable and experienced company. Thanks to it the data will be protected in a special way and taking its every aspect into account while simultaneously the devices will be securely linked by one computer network. However, the whole process has to be preceded by a thorough analysis of the customer's possibilities and needs and the proper method of the whole system deployment though the adequate configuration of IT solutions. Placing importance on the quality and perfection on WAN wide area network service the company assures itself of security, operational stability, and the way in which the data will migrate across long distances through proper connections.

WAN computer network deployment services

WAN wide area networks connect devices located around a big geographical area. The most common WAN network use is building an IT connection between company branches. To execute this task you can use dedicated links or VPN connections on the Internet. In both cases you should take transferred data security into account and that is why proper cryptographic algorithms encrypting transferred data are used. An important element is also determining routing policy and firewall rules. They influence the flow method of traffic transmitted by WAN network. Our company provides services connected with the analysis of customer's needs and the choice and configuration of IT solutions used for the task execution.

VPN - safe company branch connection

The description of VPN technology for the execution of safe company branch connection and providing safe communication for remote working. A safe IT infrastructure is one of the key aspects for every company. It should be provided on every level of IT structure including the computer networks.

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Routing protocols - data exchange between company branches

Using the routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP) to determine the cross-branch traffic exchange policy. Information exchange in computer networks between distant subnetworks, i.e. company branches requires proper IP package routing configuration. Routing can be configured manually on the edge devices or one of the available routing protocols can be deployed.

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