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Warehouse management logistics allows for a flexible customer's needs satisfaction by simultaneously reducing the stock and service costs.

Warehouse Management System is an IT tool used for supporting warehouse management, ranging from good reception, its localization and warehouse status check, to the release process. The goods in the warehouse are identified by a unique logistics unit code or by consignment number and other characteristics connected with a certain deployment, i.e. best-before date. The system offers warehouse outsourcing and the goods can be additionally identified by its owner's personal data. A peculiar task executed by the WMS is errorless goods localization in the warehouse and warehouse rotation process control. The system provides the information on the warehouse status based on various criteria and enables efficient localization of every single consignment and shipment. The WMS operator can generate a proper label and assign it to trade units during goods reception at the warehouse or introduce in the system the information included on the label previously assigned by another entity.

A string of actions is directly done by the staff. They are equipped with wireless data collectors featuring barcode or RFID label reading, which they use to confirm the executed operations. It allows the company to get the real-time image of warehouse status and enables an easy access to the full history of warehouse events. Our software cooperates with data collectors of well-known and reliable brands like Zebra and Datalogic and it can also be operated from Android mobile devices that use its camera as a barcode scanner.

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WMS can be easily integrated with other business processes especially during sales, purchasing, and accounting. The software can also be an integral part of our EPR system. We deploy WMS all over the country.

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  • external order reception support
  • internal order reception support – the reception from production
  • returnable packaging support
  • goods layout management
  • logistics unit template generation
  • return and complaint support
  • unloading support
  • logistics data support
  • DMS system and reception attachment support
  • barcode-filled label printing
  • photo-documentation
  • entrusted goods support together with proper contractor assignment
  • received goods fault registration
  • goods, consignment, document marking according to the specification of the field which WMS is installed in


  • external order release support
  • internal order release support – the release to production
  • returnable packaging support
  • delivery route optimization
  • loading management
  • logistics data support
  • DMS system and release attachment support
  • photo-documentation


  • picking order support
  • picking order division for several areas
  • returnable packaging support
  • quick inventory
  • task automation based on goods characteristics, consignment or documentation
  • full inventory support


  • logistics contracts
  • freight support
  • mover support
  • container support
  • on-site mover management
  • cost and profit calculation

Analytics and reporting

  • respective operation time registration
  • cost registration
  • modified pivot table report generation
  • predefined report generation in any form
  • warehouse documentation automation



Benefits of implementing WMS

The implementation of the WMS warehouse program brings a number of benefits at the operational level of the company, visible after a few days of starting the system, which build the competitive advantage of the organization. The most important advantages of implementing a warehouse program include: