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Microsoft Azure and Office365

Partner24 joined the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. The participants deploy the Microsoft Azure cloud solutions and the Office365 package services. Microsoft Azure cloud platform is a set of modern IT services with high availability hosted on the Microsoft resources. The services can be rented in the subscription system according to the Pay As You Grow rule. The Azure cloud platform and Office365 offer hundreds of component enabling full company on- promise IT environment replacement and transferring the assets to the cloud. It is not only the calculation power, memory or resource rental. Azure is a series of high-level services delivered by Microsoft or third parties. Cloud solutions compared to the classic on-promise company IT systems relieve the administrator from a series of tasks that are done by the Microsoft Azure team. The company IT system administrator has to take care of the hardware layer, operating systems, and software. Cloud services are sold as IaaS services (Infrastructure as a Service) that is the administrator gets at their disposal a ready-made Linux or Windows operating system and does not worry about the hardware layer of the solution. In case of the set of PaaS services (Platform as a Service) Microsoft delivers a ready environment to run an application, i.e. AppService to run web applications, and the administrator focuses only on the service itself and in comparison to the IaaS model they do not have to deal with the operating system or the technical layer of the solution. Azure also provides its services in the SaaS model (Software as a Service) or the ready-made software. The example of SaaS is Office365 package. The company administrator only deals with the software configuration and the rest belongs to Microsoft Azure. A skillful use of the available service by the Azure administrator enables the construction of a complex IT solution. Our company supports the customers in the choice and administration of the cloud infrastructure components. Among the most popular are:

Office365 platform

Azure Platform