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ERP business management software

Our company is the creator of its own Enterprise Resource Planning production management system. The task of ERP systems is integrating all the essential data generated by business processes in one place. ERP systems enable the fusion of all company departments facilitating management improvement, continuous control over production processes course, and report generating enabling correct business decision making by the executives.

We do realize that every organization has its own operational character which often makes it stand out on the market. That is why our solution, just as a block structure, can be modified in any form and adjusted to customer's needs. We are the manufacturer and deployer of business software, whereby we can precisely adjust it to customer's needs and requirements. The trademark of our ERP system is its flexibility in precise function adjustment in order to suit every company's needs and character. Our Bydgoszcz team of software developers is constantly perfecting the software and provides it with new features.

Within the confines of our ERP system there are the following modules: trade, warehouse, financial module, analytics. The assessment of actual company's needs enables choosing the optimal solution in the form of whole ERP system deployment or by adapting only a few of its modules. Our program can be integrated into any solution operating in your company. A team of software developers possesses thorough experience in integrating ERP systems with CAD/PDM type solutions, Enova, Optima, SAP financial-accounting software, as well as with dedicated systems for device support. We deploy the ERP production management system all over the country.

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  • production order
  • execution technologies
  • production plans generation
  • supply demand assessment
  • machinery park demand assessment
  • production scheduling
  • production accounting
  • direct on-site technical documentation access
  • normative product cost calculation
  • actual production cost calculation
  • production terminal cooperation
  • production quality management
  • certificate generation
  • production execution management


  • purchase orders
  • sale offers
  • sale orders
  • delivery and release monitory notes
  • SAD/PZC customs documentation service
  • advanced price lists
  • merchandise index creator


  • PZ/WZ/PW/RW/MM warehouse documentation generation
  • logistics units support
  • warehouse mover support
  • entrusted merchandise identification
  • GS1 barcode support
  • data collectors collaboration

Financial module

  • sales invoices
  • purchase invoices
  • SAD/PZC ticket support
  • receipts
  • register support
  • banking
  • KP/KW


  • logistics contracts and execution support
  • freight support
  • mover and container management
  • costs and profits calculation
  • merchandise status management on terminals
  • data collectors collaboration

Documentation circulation

  • documentation status definition
  • documentation circulation paths definition
  • attachment support

Service module

  • internal service order
  • external service order
  • order cost calculation
  • supply calculation
  • data collectors collaboration


  • modified pivot table report generation
  • predefined report generation