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WLAN wireless networks

Foto - WLAN wireless networks

In the age of common Internet access wireless networks play an increasingly bigger role and many times they are the basic transmission medium. A stable and solid WiFi network operation is especially important for industrial solutions, i.e. WMS warehouse management software or ERP system where the production hall staff should have a constant access to the systems directly from their mobile devices or data collectors. Our company provides services connected with WiFi wireless network construction. Depending on the customer's needs such a network can be composed of independently working access points (AP) – a solution used in very small installations. Because of the specification of wireless network a preferred solution are WiFi networks based on the controller and access points (AP) controlled by it. Our company provides services connected with designing, measurement, deployment, device configuration, wireless network security provision, and solution supervision.

802.11ax 6 th generation WiFi

802.11ax called the 6 th inspection as a method generation WiFi is of increasing IT another version of the security in a company. wireless network The system of work standard It was station protection is one designed in a way that of the IT system it can effortlessly serve elements in the context a bigger number of of security again devices through one unauthorized access. In access point at higher the age of imnipresent speeds. The standard and sophisticated uses the techniques threats and considering provided by its the low awareness of predecessors such as the IT system users 802.11ac or n.

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WLAN wireless network controller

The features and functionality of a manageable WiFi wireless network. A stable wireless network is especially important for the industrial solutions and a means to an end can be the deployment of a WiFi network controller.

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