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VoIP Telephony

Foto - VoIP Telephony

Based on the already set company IT infrastructure you can install the IP telephony. The VoIP solution has a few advantages over the conventional PBX telephone exchange. It is characterized by the low cost of service deployment – the exchange functions are overtaken by the software installed on the server. There is also no need for a dedicated device (telephone exchange). A wider functionality compared to the classic solutions – the calls do not necessarily have to be done over the phone. The camera function can be overtaken by the computer, a dedicated mobile application, or data collector in case of the integration with the company management system or the WMS warehouse program. The VoIP solutions are characterized by the possibility of integrating them with other company elements. The VoIP telephone exchange can get the conventional phone exchange numbering. Our company offers the installation, and configuration of the VoIP solutions, as well as the dedicated software creation.

Local computer network segmentation

VLAN virtual local networks enable a physical division of a computer network into isolated logical segments. A physical computer network can be divided into logical segments in which the flow will be separated and possible only inside a certain segment.

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