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LAN computer networks

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The twenty-first century informations and communications technology is based on the use of the Internet. The network access is the most important aspect of almost every company operation. The most basic form of the device operation management within one network is the LAN computer network. It is a local network that combines a few simple elements and it is separated from another computer network. What meaning does it have for the company operation and how to deploy it and monitor its functioning?

What is the local network for?

The use of LAN local area network is mainly the connection of local computers into one data package exchange area. The range of the computer network operation is limited geographically and it can relate to a school, block of flats, office or laboratory. Local network was created in the past based on certain wiring and software, however, currently the basis of its work are the Ethernet wires and Wi-Fi network.

LAN computer network construction technology

The construction of LAN computer network for companies based on the technologies mentioned above precisely determines the operational method and package exchange between the IT devices. LAN network is based on the physical and logical demarcation within one network (VLAN 802.1q standard). The most important thing is the connection of proper network elements through the so- called switches. Usually one of them is connected with a router or ADSL modem.

LAN, MAN, and WAN – differences

LAN, local IT network is the smallest component of a wider area network. What defines the WAN network, which is a wide area of operation, is reverse for local networks. Depending on how extensive WAN networks are or in what way they are connected with one another, that is the kind of network they create. MAN is an urban network, operating within quite a big area, yet still defined more as a pseudo-local than global network. Thus, the fundamental difference is the range of operation, while LAN networks are also characterized by a faster data transfer.

Local network design

It is not only enough to have endless technical knowledge in order to design a local network. The most important thing for companies is designing them based on the demand analysis, including the bandwidth. A key element is also taking its extent into account. Thanks to it you can effectively and properly choose the transmission medium that meets the requirements. We offer the UTP/FTP wires of the proper category or one- or multi-mode fiber-optic wire.

The core of network switches

Switches are a crucial piece of equipment of a local network built according to the modern standards. They are the so-called active connections, linking different computer network segments. They usually work in the second layer of the ISO/OSI model. The core of its usage is the design. While designing a network you choose the devices working on the used transmission medium. It also has to provide a service level adjusted to the customer's needs. The twenty-first century switches are specially prepared by qualified staff. They are subject to configuration which isextremely important in the context of the LAN network operational speed and quality. You should pay attention to its preparation, configuration, and real-time monitoring.

Practical use and security issues

The idea of using local network is a safe and encrypted data transfer within short distance but with the necessary speed. The data package transfer quality is the most crucial advantage of a LAN network. It is essential for businesses in order to connect all the necessary IT equipment with one link that enables the information exchange. Thanks to a well-operated and well-designed local network you can obtain secure and quick access to the Internet in an office or laboratory. The idea of LAN network operation is the connection of closely sitting devices into one computer network. Its goal is data transfer, improving the communication, and accelerating the company operation.

Business computer network service

LAN local network is used for data transfer between IT devices within a certain area. LAN network can be separated both physically and logically from another network (VLAN 802.1q technology). Our company offers the network design. Based on the customer's bandwidth needs analysis and taking the extent into account we choose adequate transmission medium – a proper category UTP/FTP wire or one- or multi-mode fiber-optic wire. LAN local network also has to be equipped with active elements or the so-called switches. When designing we choose the devices that work with a chosen transmission medium and provide an adequate level of service. Modern-day switches are most often devices that can also be configured. Our company offers switch preparation, configuration, and monitoring of the operation status.

Workstation security

Providing security for a local workstation and computer network users poses one of the more important tasks for the computer system administrator. A well-designed IT security policy in a company should take a range of aspects into account and its preparation should be based on the IT audit.

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Local computer network segmentation

VLAN virtual local networks enable a physical division of a computer network into isolated logical segments. A physical computer network can be divided into logical segments in which the flow will be separated and possible only inside a certain segment.

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