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Microsoft Exchange Online - e-mail Azure cloud server

Microsoft Exchange Online is a business class e-mail and calendar service dedicated to companies and served on the Azure cloud. Businesses using the Azure cloud do not have to invest in their own servers as the whole infrastructure needed for a safe Internet data exchange through e-mail is served by Microsoft. The customers pay monthly fees according to the chosen tariff plan that determines the e-mail service level. In exchange they get a service available from any place on any device. The server administration is executed by the service customer who controls the configuration through the interface or from the PowerShell level. The administrator also assigns the users' privileges within the purchased service including additional options increasing the security level. Among the most common extensions are:


  • Azure Information Protection for Office365 (AIP) – company data protection though access securing based on the set of rules. This feature prevents unauthorized information access both from the inside and outside of the company by using cryptographic mechanisms for the authorization and authentication of the users
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – these are the advanced mechanisms protecting the company against the zero-day type malicious software extending the basic Exchange Online Protection (EOP) package that prevents spam and malicious software attacks based on the signatures
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – these are the mechanisms known from the on-promise Microsoft solution version preventing the data loss based on certain rules. A properly- configured feature by the service administrator prevent the data leak such as credit card numbers or personal identification numbers (PESEL). This feature should only be one of the RODO policy points.

Exchange Online service can work in the basic mode where the e-mail from all the company accounts is processed on the cloud as a whole or in one of the mixed modes meaning hybrid or gate mode offering the e-mail transmission services between our internal company server and the Internet.

  • In the hybrid mode – a part of the e-mail is hosted by the Microsoft Exchange on the Azure cloud, and a part is served by the company's internal e-mail server.
  • In the gate mode – Exchange Online system constitutes a gate for the incoming and outcoming company messages. The e-mail filtering functionality can be used to protect our internal e-mail server in the on-promise version

Exchange Online in the mixed modes cooperates with any company e-mail server but it is important for the server to support the TLS encrypted channel communication.

Our company as an IT solutions integrator and the authorized Microsoft partner provides IT services of customer support in e-mail system migration to Microsoft Exchange Online. Based on the IT audit and customer's needs we assess monthly service maintenance costs and afterwards prepare and deploy the migration scenario.